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    ⚠For China and to The entire World; YOu, the one reading this, Keep strong against Coronavirus ( Covid-19). Unfortunately, only the strongest will survive. For My people, friends, fans and why not, haters maybe?,ALL, follow this simple tips:

    -Keep a healthy lifestyle
    -Follow indications under WHO( World Health Organization)
    -Keep the highest levels of hygiene, wash your hands, try to avoid public crowded places,and wear masks in areas of contagious risks ( do not become anxious or hypocondriac, that might rise your heart presurre levels).
    -Protect the weakest ones, and the most vulnerable ones ( older ones, babies and sick people).

    ✅Remember: we born alone, we die alone… in the middle we meet beautiful people like you. 💖Best of luck to everybody.✅


    1. I will stay at home as much as possible
    2. I will only visit friends and family if absolutely necessary
    3. I will sneeze and cough into a tissue and as far from another person as possible
    4. I will be mindful of keeping distance
    5. I will avoid touching my face and public surfaces
    6. If I am showing symptoms, I will not leave the house, i will isolate myself and call my GP for advice.
    7. I will only present to the hospital if it is an emergency and will call before hand.

    Each person has a responsibility to not contract, or transfer this virus to another. If we could get as many people as possible to take the #CORONAPLEDGE we may be able to save elderly and immunocompromised people. Remember, you may be the single link between thousands of people contracting the virus. Take responsibility for your actions. You don’t want to be the reason this virus continues to spread.

    Copy and paste to your social media platforms if you vow to take the #CORONAPLEDGE

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