Coronavirus 19th April updates RECORDED STREAM – worldwide COVID-19 stats and figures.

We urge everyone to stay safe and stay healthy and help each other. We all can work together to flatten the curve and get through the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Coronavirus the cure.
    It is practically impossible to have immunity in a body where some mineral or vitamin is lacking.
    Even when science was unaware of the existence of micro – vitamins and minerals – it was natural that there was no solid basis for disease prevention and cure.
    We are as immune as wild animals, as long as we do not lack this or that mineral / vitamin in our daily diet.
    It would be the downfall of billionaire pharmaceutical companies if that knowledge of prevention and cure reached all those who aspire to full health.
    Weak, medium-intensity viruses, this corona virus and even the AIDS virus would have very little chance of settling and developing in a body well supplied with vitamins and minerals.
    These are not those pills sold in pharmacies; rather, of those components of divine medicine found in vegetables, green leaves and fruits.
    For these invisible nutrients to enter the bloodstream and fulfill the role of preventing and healing; it is recommended to crush them in a blender, preferably raw for better use as an immunizer and health generator.

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