Coronavirus recorded stream 12th April – Latest worldwide COVID-19 stats and figures.
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  1. I do NOT dislike the Chinese people nor do I hold them responsible for the COVID – 19 virus. I believe that the citizens of China are as the rest of the world, that they are VICTIMS of Xi Jinping and his regime. With that said I would like to see every Country that has been effected by this terrible COVID – 19 virus come together, (except for the UN because they are under the influence of other powers and can NOT be trusted with any task at this point), to take "Xi Jinping" and others in his circle responsible into custody and held for trial for crimes against Humanity and against the Industrial Establishments of the World. Because of overwhelming evidence of, (Xi Jinping & Gov. official involved), allowing this virus to spread beyond control, (by not sharing data and too for the misinformation about the entire event that they purposely put out to the rest of the World), which caused a delay in reactions by other Governments from around the World to act swiftly. There is a lot of lives lost & Companies now floundering because of him and his boys, and this pandemic is FAR FROM OVER !

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