coronavirus updates 4th April


  1. НЕ подавайтесь англоязычным ублюдкам, ваши трансляции везде болчат, если кто в силе… повлияйте!!!

  2. We can believe the numbers of all the countries except for China. They are very cunning not to show their rise in numbers. Their rise in numbers actually stopped with just very few numbers rising on daily basis. That was strange, and they also claim that their life is back to normal which is not. China is not giving their true counts because this will affect and destroy them nationwide Economically. Every country should be aware of these facts.

  3. The death toll in US and EU is showing how fool they are not able to control the spread. Smart people making smart mistakes here

    Apeared, Disapeared? First from one user, then from another. With actual dates, with old dates…
    Even during such crisis you have to proof who has bigger dick and fight for authorization?? Is that's the reason? GROW F…'N UP !!!

  5. Where is the live stream? Its a shame to make money with a old copy from the Livestream!!!!!!!! Trump would say "shame on you!!!!"

  6. over 1 million people are infected and rising:>( Mother Nature weeps:>( and so did I. Being helpless is no way to be alive and being alone is no way to survive. One World, One Love One peace of mind. I wish I had super powers of a God so I could take away the pain of many and replace their pain with LIFE'S LOVE. Replace every animal and human suffering with LIFE'S LOVE. A gift that we all receive as babies, the gift of innocence and the gift of no fear taken away from all of us slowly over time consuming our minds with the thing we all despise FEAR. PEACE for everything comes through equality and compassion above yourself. LOVE OTHERS MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOU AND SMILE A REAL SMILE FOR ONCE. I LOVE LIFE yet i despise the way I am forced to live sometimes in fear.

  7. China P4 Lab Dr Shi Zhengli, She's been working with the virus since 2015. Documentary proves it. 1st documentary movie on origin of ccp virus Go see it asap watch for yourself.

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