If people treated other Illnesses like depression.

Hey guys, this is a reupload of the original by Tanmay Bhat and the team to spread awareness of depression and make people understand.
Anyone who has any such issues should seek help with your doctor and talk about it to the near and dear ones.

Original Credits

Director: Girish Narayandass

Creative Director:
Girish Narayandass
Devaiah Bopanna

Girish Narayandass
Devaiah Bopanna

DOP: Vivian Singh Sahi

Executive Producer: Naveed Manakkodan

Editor: Mamlesh Tiwari

Tanmay Bhat
Rahul Subramanian
Sumukhi Suresh
Gopal Datt
Supriya Joshi
Vishal Dayama
Shantanu Anam
Urooj Ashfaq
Devaiah Bopanna
Naveed Manakkodan

Assistant Cinematographer : Ishani Roy

Assistant Director: Love Upadhyay

Online Editor: Mihir Lele

Sound Design: Mamlesh Tiwari

Camera attendant: Sachin Gawde, Vipul

Location sound: Pradeep Mandol

Social media: Gladvin Picardo, Krupa Gohil, Deepak Kumar, Aakash Shah, Sejal Badala

Spot: Dhanish

Lights: Famous Cine

Camera and Grips: One Stop Cine

Dressman: Goldy

Makeup: Hasan Ali Shaikh & team

Catering: Jamma food caterers

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  1. WOW all though I didn’t understand all the language this was so meaningful but in a humorous way. It’s so true that people say stupid things to you when they have no clue what you’re going through every minute your awake. I used to say if I walked around with a bloody injury people would be much more understanding and compassionate but because they can’t see how I feel they don’t think it’s just as critical. 😔

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